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3 min readMar 24, 2021


Blog from Rob Rosenthal, CEO, Revolution Populi

Revolution Populi ran a different kind of token distribution last week. We designed an approach that we thought would have the best chance for an open distribution of the tokens, and could therefore lay the groundwork for a true digital democracy; not just one that purports to be democratic, yet in reality is about concentrated power. And since the delegated proof of stake algorithm that fuels the RevPop blockchain is a delegated consensus and therefore reliant on democratic voting, establishing a fair and open distribution (rather than concentrated), was vital.

The distribution ensured that everyone had a chance to participate. Importantly, this is the entire point of the crypto ecosystem: to have a broad distribution of a digital token string used by people to do something.


We also put in place very rigid and comprehensive “know-your-customer” checks and restrictions, to ensure we honored regulations when it comes to token distributions. We were extremely conservative in our approach, and in fact, near as we can tell, no one had ever put in place such comprehensive requirements and rigidity in a token distribution.

And yet even with all these restrictions in place, people from all around the world (except the restricted jurisdictions) were able to participate. The technology, built by us, was complex, and yet worked fantastically well. We were able to distribute 1.2 billion of 2 billion tokens on a pro rata basis to everyone who participated. The tokens were then claimed at a rapid pace, and are now all over the world.

Uniswap Availability

The RVP token will be available for open activity on Uniswap, itself a decentralized format, at or about 8AM EST, Wednesday April 7, 2021. This availability is also vital because it gives the token some room to establish a foothold and traction in advance of Main Net, allowing for a broader and healthier foundation for the random delegated proof of stake algorithm to do its thing.

Three pairs are set up in Uniswap:




As RevPop has integration arrangements with both Polygon (formerly Matic) and Chainlink, these two additional pairs make sense.

The RVP token will be locked until 8 AM, Wednesday, April 7, 2021, but the pairs have been already established on Uniswap in advance to prepare for the RVP release. There are options to participate in a swap, or to add liquidity to a pool. To find the RVP token, enter the following contract address: 0x17EF75AA22dD5f6C2763b8304Ab24f40eE54D48a

The initial distribution provided a starter path for the token. And the people will determine the global activity and movement of the token, not us. This is the people’s token; and when RVP is unlocked in two weeks, the people will decide how that will go too.

Hope And Faith

We conducted the initial distribution, and now will be opening up the token and advancing technology, based on the simple and elegant principals of free will, free choice and open participation. This is what people are aching for. If we have the courage to let people take control of their own individual destinies, and the faith (and that’s what it is, faith) that people are elementally good, and decent and smart, and can make decisions for themselves, then the world would probably be a much cooler place — certainly a lot more interesting than it is now.

We do hope that in our little corner of the world, in this weird and cool culture of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, we can prove that it is possible to have such faith. That you won’t spontaneously combust or evaporate from the face of the earth. That your goals and aims and projects can not only survive, but be the better for it. You just have to simply have some faith, and walk the talk. Everything else will take care of itself.



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