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The Token: A Dutch Style Auction Approach

Revolution Populi ran a different kind of token sale last week. We designed an approach that we thought would have the best chance for a fair and market driven distribution of the tokens, and could therefore lay the groundwork for a true digital democracy; not just one that purports to be democratic, yet in reality is about concentrated power. …

How To Participate

Go to the auction website at and choose an auction period:

Then plug in how much ETH you want to send to the auction & click “Send ETH”

Begins March 15, 2021

First auction: 72 hours, 900 million tokens (45% of the total supply).

Second auction: 24 hours, 150 million tokens (7.5% of the total supply).

Third auction: 24 hours, 150 million tokens (7.5% of the total supply).

Visit: Auction Website

Can someone buy tokens from the U.S.?

The token auction isn’t available in the U.S.

How many tokens will be generated in total?

There will be 2,000,000,000 (2 bn) finite RVP tokens generated (the total supply).

Of the total generated, how many tokens will be sold in the auction?

1,200,000,000 (1.2 bn) will be made available for public sale in an…

In advancement of its mission to return data sovereignty back to the people, RevPop today announces the launch of a layer-1 blockchain in Test Net — the rdPOS (random delegated Proof Of Stake) algorithm has been put into practice in Test Net for the world to see — and of course to test. RevPop Test Net is located at The name of the token is RVP, and the token that is in test net is a dummy token, only for testing purposes.

This is an elegant yet majorly impactful iteration upon dPOS. By randomizing the witnesses, this new algorithm…

Core Tech Stack will allow any Matic DApp Developer to use the RevPop Database

New layer-1 aims to transform crypto, traditional finance and social nets, and return data to the people

Blog by Rob Rosenthal, Co-Founder, Revolution Populi

Every now and then a simple idea comes along that unintentionally provides the basis for large scale change. The internet itself, perhaps the most famous layer-1 technology ever, is one of those. A system of autonomous inter-connected nodes to transmit information.

Seems simple enough — and yet here we are.

One thing that the internet doesn’t do, however, is allow people to own and control their data. This isn’t a design flaw at all — it’s…


We’re thrilled to announce a unique integration with Chainlink, which will provide secure smart contract transactions for our decentralized digital ecosystem and social network

Over the past year, our team at Revolution Populi has been quietly putting the pieces together to challenge the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and others in Big Tech who have come to capture the internet, and control our sovereign property, our data.

Rob Rosenthal, CEO of Revolution Populi stated: “We’re going to return the internet back to the people to whom it rightfully belongs, and to do that, we’re…

Revolution Populi

Returning cyberpower back to the people.

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